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1) Telephone Insulting: we would answer the customers' questions detailed and patiently until he or she is satisfied;
2) Web insulting: You can send email to us(support@thinfilm.cn) .
  Technical Service  

Based on the advanced technology of the National Engineering Research Center For Traditional Chinese Medicine, THINFILM is not only has professional technicist, but also many veterans and hard-working personnel for experiment, which would provides wholeheartedly long-distance service and visiting service.

The development of film coating technology is inseparable with development of each correlation discipline. Film coating for solid preparation involves to the core craft, coating formula, coating parameter and so on. A perfect coating material manifests each discipline technology. THINFILM who unceasingly integrates new mentalities, new technology, new method of other disciplines , cooperates and communicates with domestic and foreign institutes and college. It diligently promotes the technical level of "THINFILM" film coating material to lay solid foundation for the modernization and internationalization for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

As a national center, the National Engineering Research Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine which has the formidable technical background and the technical support, has become the collection and distribution center of TCM industry for new technology, new craft, and new product. THINFILM and the Engineering center have carried on widespread and deeply cooperation and communication on the core craft, withdrew of API and many other aspects ,they fully uses the supercritical extract, the highly effective adverse current chromatograph, the microwave induction extract, the flocculation separation and other new technology, which caused the core quality to mount a new stair.

In recent years, many famous multinational corporations overseas have successively developed many kinds of new materials. The THINFILM cooperates with German BASF, Rohm Corporation, the French Luo natrium company, American Warner-Jenkinson Corporation and so on to research how to apply all the new material to film coating for TCM and fully manifests their prominent performance and characteristic in view of the particularity of the core.

The company also cooperates with the East China University of science and technology on the membrane technology, the membrane performance research, filming material. Moreover also with the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine , they researched technology of TCM preparation and its quality specification . Performance of coating material not only manifests in the formula, simultaneously manifests in the fine powder technology for material granule design, precise compound and so on. The THINFILM organize many domestic engineering research center researching powder micronization, and applies the most advanced powder technology, which has fully guaranteed quality of "THINFILM" coating material.




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