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Dry Suspension for Film Coating














Extended-release System for Film Coating














The system through Pellet






Vicegerent Products








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THINFILM®Normal Moisture Proof(TF-NMP)

This type is suitable to the tablets that do not absorb vapor quickly such as those completely or half contains raw plant medicinal medicine.


  • Cutting off the vapor more effectively
  • Increasing the stability and lengthens the storage life of the medicine.
  • High mechanical strength and adhesive of the film membrane
  • Filming and coloring quickly








Ordinarily coated tablets



TF-NMP coated tablets



















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THINFILM®Enhanced Moisture Proof(TF-EMP)

With the characteristics of simple preparation, quick coloring and great capability of moisture proof, This type is suitable to the tablets that need to isolate the vapor strictly such as those that completely contains concrete of TCM.



Unique formula

  • Selecting high polymer material of special moisture-proof performance and matching with other many kinds of high polymers material
  • Firmer film membrane
  • Higher transmission resistance of vapor

Isolation function

  • Higher transmission resistance of vapor that can protect the tablets from breakinginflation or distortion.
  • Increasing medicine stability and lengthening the term of validity of medicines.
  • During guarantee stronger isolation of water vapor, the membrane keeps high mechanical strength and adhesion, and dispersingh rapidly.
  • The lake pigments used cannot be influenced by the moisture absorption ingredient of medicines and the color can maintain longer .


















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THINFILM®Instant Disintegration(TF-ID)

It is usually used in oral solid dosage form that has the requirement of disintegration.


  • Protects the tablet cores and colors
  • Film membrane disintegrate instantly
  • Be suitable for the dispersing tablet and buccal tablet of TCM

Unique formula

  • Use special formula design and advanced preparation process
  • Film membrane harmonizes with sense of the taste, touch and smell of the tablet cores

Instant disintegration

  • Increase disintegration of the film membrane and the dissolution rate of the API
  • Dissolve instantly when in mouth and have little feeling of membrane

Superior performance

  • Increase the stability and lengthen the storage life of the medicine
  • Film and color quickly
  • High mechanical strength and adhesive of the membrane





Buccal tablet



Dispersing tablet


30-50 or no time delay
















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THINFILM®Brightness&Luster Ferric Oxide(TF-BLFO)

Be suitable for the oral solid dosage form that have high request of color cover.


  • Strong cover abilityfew amount and higher color radiance.
  • Take the ferric oxide series as the color coating
  • Ultra glare brightness, exquisite smooth clothes membrane, and bright and stable color
  • Very big visual impulse and allure to the consumer.
  • Accelerate disintegration and release compared to common product





increased weight of coating(%)


















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THINFILM®Enteric System(TF-ES)

It can protect gastric mucosal from influence of irritant medicine and protect the medicines that are unstable in gastric juice, especially suitable for the medicines that need to release in specific intestines spot.

Taking HPMC
phthalate ester and acrylic resin, adding the plasticizer, the color lake and other kind of chemical additive, the film membrane has very strong mechanical strength and dissolves depend on the pH changes and guarantees medicine to release safely and effectively.


Ultra strong protection

  • Protect medicine from corroding of gastric juice, with only 4% increases;
  • Dissolve rapidly when pH elevates ;
  • Reduce the poisonous side effect of the medicine ;
  • Provide the protection in medicine preparation packing, transporting and storing process.

Detention releases

  • Have very strong resistivity to the gastric juice and high bioavailability;
  • The acid-proof performance and the intestinal released performance is still superior after long time;
  • storing or under the storing condition of high temperature or high humidity;
  • The film membrane affects release and absorption of the medicine slightly.

















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THINFILM®Ethylcellulose Aqueous Dispersion(TF-EAD)

It is an ethyl cellulose coating system completely using water as dispersing medium and used in oral solid extended release preparation. With the characteristics of highly effective coating, simple operation and no plastification, it can form an extended release coating membrane, make the medicine keep releasing and maintain effective vivo plasma concentration.


Unique Formula

  • Take the ethyl cellulose as a polymer, make the ethyl cellulose to micro particles to dispersing in water and forming a kind of emulsion.
  • Good physical stability.
  • For the medicine that is sensitive to acid and that have the property of water affinity, it is your first choice.

Control Release

  • Release not keen to acid or alkalinity.
  • Release obey to zero and have good ruggedness.
  • Control release through the thickness of the film membrane.

Simple Operation

  • Complete water system, no organic solvent.
  • Eliminate the flammable explosive and toxic dangers of organic solvent.
  • No special request to the production equipment.
  • With 30% solid content but still lower viscosity, it reduces the operating time and simultaneously avoids pot, bridging of tablets.
  • Without usage of plasticizer, the operation is more convenient.

















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Extended-release Drug Delivery System through Pellet

We provide massive coating products of different functions and colors, as well as entire dosage formulation.


Formula Design

  • Based on customers’ requests, we provide the most detailed comprehensive formula parameter to the skeleton pelletthe membrane controlled pellet or both unified controlling pellet.
  • Improve the original formula to achieve the best.
  • Provide entire formula design and the technical support from the laboratory tries, experimental to the final industrialization production

Film Coating

  • Use different coating materials to achieve different operation requirements.
  • Simple operation, gorgeous appearance, low cost and stable quality.

Superior Performance

  • It makes the medicine distribute widely and evenly in the gastro-intestinal tract, which enhances the bioavailability, reduces or eliminate medicine stimulating to gastro-intestinal tract.
  • Not influenced by food transportation rhythm or gastric evacuation.
  • Rule of medicine releases which cannot affect that of the entire preparation seriously has good ruggedness compared to that of individual pellet.
  • To meet different needs, pellets of different releasing rate can be filled in capsule
  • Different compositions of compound capsule have a better stability and less mutual function between different medicines.

















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Kollicoat®MAE 30DP

Kollicoat® MAE 30 DP is marketed as an aqueous dispersion with a solids content of 30 %. The milky white, low viscosity product has a faint, characteristic odour. The dispersion contains 0.7% sodium lauryl sulfate (USP) and 2.3 % Polysorbate 80 as emulsifying agents.


Kollicoat® MAE applied in low coating levels, 0.5–2.0mg/cm2solids, can be used for the following purposes:

  • Masking unpleasant tastes and odours
  • Protecting incompatible active substances
  • Protection against atmospheric humidity (short-term)

Kollicoat® MAE applied in high coating levels, e. g. 10 to 20mg/cm2 is able to protect drugs during long-term storage against humidity. Even hygroscopic drugs or drugs sensitive to hydrolysis can be coated with this aqueous dispersion by using a reduced spraying rate at the beginning of the coating process.



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Kollicoat®SR 30D

Kollicoat ®SR 30 D is a polyvinyl acetate dispersion stabilized with 2.7% povidone and 0.3%sodium lauryl sulfate, with a sol ids con tent of 30%. The dispersion is suit able for the manufacture of pH independent sustained- release formulations. The dispersion can also be used for taste masking.     
Kollicoat ®SR 30 D is miscible with water in any ratio while retaining its milky-white appearance. Mixing the product with ethanol or isopropyl alcohol in a 1 : 5 ratio produces a slightly turbid and some what viscous solution. Kollicoat ®SR 30 D is insoluble in dilute alkaline or acidic solutions.
Sustained- release coated formulations
It is used mainly for the manufacture of sustained- release dosage forms. Very effective control of drug release is achieved by coating pellets, granules and crystals.
Protective coats
Applied in small quantities or with hydrophilic additives, it provides good protection against odour or taste. It can also be used, for example as a subcoating, for isolating active ingredients to pre vent inters actions.





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Kollicoat® MAE 100P

Kollicoat® MAE 100 P is a white, redispersable powder, originating from the Kollicoat® MAE 30 DP dispersion. Prior to spray drying the dispersion is partially neutralized with NaOH. This eases redispersion for the final formulation of the spray suspension. The product consists of 95.8% copolymer, max. 2.3 % Polysorbate 80 and max. 0.7% sodium lauryl sulfate.


Kollicoat® MAE provides an effective barrier to gastric juice which:

  • Protects the stomach from drugs such as indomethacin, diclofenac or aspirin;
  • Protects acid-sensitive drugs,e. g. pancreatin from the contents of the stomach,
  • Increases the bioavailability of active ingredients so that high local drug concentrations are achieved in the small intestine increasing the bioavailability or
  • Releases the active ingredient,e. g. laxatives, at its site of action, the intestine.




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